Summer in the Mountains

Mountaineering in the Canadian Alps has many features. Steep ice faces found on Mount Robson and Athabaska in the Rockies provide strenuous Alpine adventures. The classic ridge climbs of Sir Donald and Tupper offer moderate climbing on compact quartzite with sweeping panoramas extending across the Selkirks to the Bugaboos. For aficionados of granite the Nunataks of the Bugaboos and the Adamants are an endless playground. Spectacular ridge hikes and scrambles are too numerous to count.

Throughout these ranges a wide variety of sport climbs have been established providing recreation for shorter days or practice with climbing techniques. The Alpine Club of Canada has numerous huts situated throughout the mountains to provide strategic locations to access the peaks and a dry place to cook and sleep. The Alpine season starts in June and extends through September. The rock climbing season is a couple months longer depending on weather and location.

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